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Call for participation in “Spotlight on recognition” focus groups

Call 18.08.2021

EUA, in partnership with CrueHRK and Nuffic, seeks participants for two focus group organised in the context of the “Spotlight on recognition” project and dedicated to key issues in the field of academic recognition. Both focus groups are free of charge and open to staff of EUA member institutions, who are involved with designing, managing or implementing the recognition of qualifications.

The first focus group, entitled “Which differences are really substantial?”, will take place online on 19 October whereas the second focus group, entitled “The potential of digitally facilitated recognition procedures”, will take place on 29-30 November in Berlin, Germany.

Participation in either focus group is limited to a maximum of 25 participants and the call for participation in these focus groups is open until 30 September.

Applications are possible for either one or both focus groups. However, participants will eventually only be selected for one of the two events. When selecting participants, the organisers will also seek to ensure gender, geographic and institutional profile balance across the group. Applicants seeking admission to both focus groups are therefore required to name a preference.

For the convenience of potential applicants, a summary of the application form is available; however, only applications received through the online form above will be considered.

Further information about the focus group topics, preliminary programmes and practical information are provided on the respective event pages. Applicants are advised to carefully read this information before submitting their application.

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