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Online seminar: ‘Supporting the Lisbon Recognition Convention’

Event 16.04.2021

Taking place online on Friday 16 April 2021 from 09:00 to 11:30 CEST.

Are you interested in improving recognition of foreign qualifications in your national context? During this seminar we will discuss legal and practical implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC), based on field trials in Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

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    Welche Infrastrukturen benötigen Hochschulen, um Anerkennungs- und Anrechnungsverfahren zu digitalisieren? Welche Strategien und Wege haben sich hierbei bewährt und welche wichtigen Rahmenbedingungen und Herausforderungen gilt es in den Blick zu nehmen? Am 29. und 30. September lädt die von MODUS organisierte Tagung „Anerkennung und Anrechnung digital“ Interessierte aus den Hochschulen dazu ein, sich zu diesen und

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  • Recording and presentations available from webinar “Improving recognition through self-assessment: The ‘Spotlight on Recognition’ tool”

    One of the key outcomes of the “Spotlight on recognition” project is a self-assessment tool that allows staff working in higher education institutions to evaluate to which extent their institution’s recognition procedures are in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and international good practice. The core of the tool is a table of self-assessment questions aligned with practical information

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  • ARENA – Final dissemination webinar

    ARENA (Refugees and Recognition – Toolkit 3) is an Erasmus+ supported project, which aims to contribute towards more transparent and professional procedures for the recognition of refugees’ qualifications in Europe. The project builds on the completed Refugees and Recognition – Toolkit project, where a common methodological approach to the recognition of refugees’ qualifications was developed

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  • Webinar “Noten berücksichtigen in An­er­ken­nungs­ver­fahr­en” (in German)

    Ein elementarer Aspekt eines erfolgreichen An­er­ken­nungs­ver­fahr­en nach einem Auslandsaufenthalt ist die Umrechnung der Noten für die erbrachten Leistungen. Es gibt unterschiedliche Wege für die Notenumrechnung, wichtig ist eine transparente und hochschulweit einheitliche Vorgehensweise. Dafür stellt dieses Web-Seminar der HRK zwei Praxisbeispiele vor und diskutiert typische Probleme und Herausforderungen. Referent:innen: Tilman Dörr (MODUS), Dott. Francesco Ducatelli (International

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  • Webinar “Online training for fast track recognition of Ukrainian academic qualifications”

    The Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission in cooperation with CIMEA, the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre, is organising a webinar on the Ukrainian education system, its qualifications (including qualifications granting access to higher education), available tools for verification and information resources with the scope of providing training to support

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  • MICROBOL final conference: Micro-credentials linked to the Bologna Key Commitments

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  • Registrations open: “Spotlight on recognition” project conference

    This conference is the final event of the Erasmus+ co-funded “Spotlight on recognition” project. Through a mix of plenary and breakout sessions, it will be an opportunity to reflect on lessons learnt from the project and be informed about ongoing developments and other projects in the field of academic recognition. The event will also offer an occasion

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  • DEQAR Connect conference presentations available

    From Data to Policy – Linking Quality Assurance and Recognition Conference for the Bologna working structures on QA and recognition The conference “From Data to Policy – Linking Quality Assurance and Recognition” gathered representatives of ministries of education, quality assurance agencies, ENIC NARICs and experts on higher educational policies from across the European Higher Education Area,

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  • ARENA webinar – Refugees, Admission and Sustainability

    ARENA webinar – Refugees, Admission and Sustainability: Implementing admission pathways for refugee students in higher education. This webinar is organised by NOKUT in the framework of the ARENA project (Refugees and Recognition – Toolkit 3) on the inclusion of refugees in higher education institutions in Greece, Malta, the Netherlands and Italy.

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