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Webinar “Enhancing refugees’ opportunities for further study and employment: how credential evaluators from around the world can work together in the international pool of credential evaluators in the EQPR (Council of Europe) and UQP (UNESCO) projects”

Event 15.05.2024

This TAICEP webinar highlights recent developments in the international multilateral projects where credential evaluators around the world play a crucial role. Systematic training and experience exchange within the frameworks of the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR) and UNESCO Qualifications Passport (UQP) projects enable credential evaluators to broaden and update their knowledge on the diverse tools and resources that are available in the field of international credential evaluation, broaden their network and learn about practical implementation of the Qualifications Passport methodology in different national contexts. As a global student mobility tool, the Qualifications Passport for Refugees enables credible and timely evaluation of the refugees’ qualifications even in the situations with lacking or insufficient documentation. This session provides the overview of the rationale and methods of the Qualifications Passport for Refugees and discusses the roles of the evaluators and admission officers both as trained evaluators and end users of the Qualifications Passports for Refugees.

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