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  • Publications 2022 Automatic recognition

    BM83: Resolution on the Development of Automatic Recognition Processes in Europe

    European Students' Union (ESU)

    ESU believes that recognition of qualifications and study periods is a fundamental right for students, irrespective of the scope of the recognition process: for continuing education or entering a labour market within another country. As highlighted on several other occasions, to have a fully-fledged European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the possibility of students having their studies recognised through a fair, free and timely procedure is a key enabler.

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  • Publications 2023 Automatic recognition, European Education Area, Qualifications, Refugees

    Howard Davies: Policy Briefing: Recognition of Professional Qualifications

    European University Association (EUA)

    This briefing reports on recent developments affecting Europe’s recognition regimes – both professional and academic.

    At the start of 2023, the European Year of Skills, the author looks at the context facing higher education stakeholders across four areas: the European labour market, Ukraine, developments in the higher education sector and the legacy of Brexit. In the professional disciplines numerous challenges have already impacted on curriculum design and programme delivery. Triggering the revision of regulatory practice and EU legislation will take much longer, despite the urgent need for progress in sectors such as healthcare.

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  • Publications 2022 Automatic recognition, Cross-border education, Digitalisation, Education systems

    Monitoring the implementation of the Lisbon recognition Convention: monitoring report, Paris/Strasbourg 2022

    UNESCO, Council of Europe

    This second monitoring report on the implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention focuses on articles related to the right to appeal, information provision and transnational education, as well as automatic recognition and digital solutions which are not directly part of the convention. It is based on survey data from 2020 and provides a set of recommendations for national recognition authorities and education policy-makers on how to improve these areas.

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  • Publications 2022 Global, Qualifications, Quality Assurance

    Beyond Limits. New Ways to Reinvent Higher Education – Roadmap proposed for the WHEC2022


    This document was prepared by UNESCO to be delivered at the 3rd World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022), organized by UNESCO on May 18-20, 2022, which has the purpose of enhancing the contribution of higher education institutions and systems world-wide, under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, its pledge to leave no one behind, and looking at the Futures of Education.

    The document presents a technical proposal that resulted from research, consultation and dialogue led by UNESCO and partners, whose ideas have permeated all throughout. The final enriched version of the Higher Education Roadmap will be published and presented in relevant event/s in 2023.


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