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  • Publications 2021 Digitalisation, Qualifications, Quality Assurance

    Magalie Soenen, Chiara Finocchietti and Jonna Korhonen: Micro-credentials can stimulate diversity of provision

    University World News

    This article outlines work conducted by the Erasmus+ co-funded MICROBOL project, which explores whether and how the existing EHEA tools can be used and-or need to be adapted to be applicable to micro-credentials, with a particular focus on the “Recommendations from the MICROBOL project for the European Commission’s proposal for a Council recommendation on micro-credentials for lifelong learning and employability”.

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  • Publications 2020 Bologna Process tools, Cross-border education, Quality Assurance

    2020 Rome Ministerial Communiqué

    European Higher Education Area, Italian BFUG Secretariat

    This document is the outcome of the Ministerial meeting on 19 November 2020 in Rome. Ministers responsible for higher education decide at Ministerial Conferences about the central aspects of the EHEA, including its further developments and commitments by its member countries. The Ministerial Conference also decides on new applications for membership to the EHEA as well as any other main changes to the process. A communiqué is adopted at each Ministerial Conference that outlines decisions taken by the Ministers.

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  • Publications 2021 Credit mobility, Cross-border education, Qualifications, Quality Assurance

    Sebastian Bruque: The free movement of talent: scenarios for international academic recognition

    European University Association (EUA)

    As learning pathways are increasingly international, the recognition of qualifications and credits obtained abroad is a key issue for countries and higher education institutions. Sebastian Bruque from the University of Jaén offers the Spanish and European perspective, outlining the various cases requiring recognition and priority actions needed for fair recognition procedures to become a reality.

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  • Key sources of information Credit mobility, Digitalisation, European Education Area

    European Student Card Initiative

    European Union

    The European Student Card Initiative will enable every student to easily and safely identify and register themselves electronically at higher education institutions within Europe when moving abroad for studies, eliminating the need to complete onsite registration procedures and paper work.

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